Our Owner & Company History

Reg Powell was trained as an Electrical Technician in Industrial Engineering prior to commencing work in the oil industry. Having worked for Transocean (Legacy Santa Fe & Global Santa Fe) for more than 32 years with 17 years Offshore as an Electrical Engineer, and he then moved into new build projects and upgrade projects as a senior electrical engineer.

Several years ago, Reg setup and organised the Vendor Surveillance Group at Global Santa Fe in the Newbuild Group working out of the corporate office. Once the new build program was completed, which included 10 Newbuild Rigs for Global Santa Fe and Transocean. He went into the Transocean Supply Chain Group as a Quality Manager some 3 years ago, he assisted in putting a quality organization group together for Transocean. A Quality Assurance group was formed to oversee a incident reporting system recording CAR’s on defective equipment that arrived onto the Rigs, the assurance group report back to the rigs with root cause and corrective action for the defects experienced. The Quality Assurance group also carried out API Q1/ISO 9001:2008 Audits at Transocean OEM Vendors, which Reg assisted from a technical aspect.

Having managed the Quality Control Group by forming the Vendor Surveillance Group, which at its peak had 3 quality managers in strategic locations (Aberdeen, Houston and Singapore) around the world and more than 40 full-time inspectors monitoring the quality in the OEM well control facilities.

Experience You Can Trust

With more than 32 years of experience which included working offshore as an engineer, then progressing to the Newbuild Group assisting with compiling specification for the Drilling equipment and assisting with commissioning of Hull and Drilling equipment in the Shipyards. The next phase took Reg into the Upgrade Projects Group managing the installation and commissioning, and finally into the Quality Group managing the inspection process by ensuring the OEM Vendor had ITP’s in place and witnessing function testing (FAT’s)

DIIS have the Offshore and Drilling equipment functionality experience that many other inspection companies do not have, which gives DIIS the advantage over the competitors.
Our experts within DIIS are constantly learning every day from new technology, as equipment and systems are being enhanced by the OEM Vendors. As the Oil Industry continues to develop we know DIIS has the people to meet the relevant needs in the Oil Industry.

The Company & Product

Purpose and overall product of this business is to offer Inspectors and Engineers with the experience and qualifications required to satisfy the requirements for equipment inspection within the Oil and Gas industry.

The Market

Offering a service within the Oil and Gas Industry that our clients can depend on is the ultimate goal.



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