As part of the Inspection and Witness process, the Surveyor/Engineer would witness the Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) at the Supplier facility. Verify the Test documentation is approved and correct revision, witness each function test as specified in the FAT. Verify the functionality testing as listed in the FAT document (Load Test, Rotation Test, Rotation Marking, and Insulation Resistance), and verify all test equipment is calibrated.

HPU Control Panel Skid

HPU Control Panel Skid

RPM verification during FAT

Mud Pump FAT Verification

Mud Equipment FAT

Mud Equipment Electrical Load Test

Temperature checks during FAT

Noise verification during FAT

Thickness Check of Galvanized Coating

Verified the welding wire used of the weld joint as per the WPS.

Fit-up inspection of derrick structure sub assembly

Verified the preheat temperature

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