As part of the Fabrication Inspection process we encourage our inspectors to attend prefabrication or kick-off meeting. Also ensure the Inspectors review Inspection Test Plans (ITP’s) for correct inspection points.

Weld visual inspection in progress

Hardness check on the heat corrected area

Fit-up inspection

Traceability no. hard stamped on the plate verification of Heat #no

LMRP ready for blasting prior to painting

Choke side “S” Spool being cut to length.

Choke Side “S” Spool bevel being machined on one side of

Flanges after NDE of bevel areas. These flanges will be used for Spool IV Kill Side LMRP.

LMRP ready for blasting prior to painting.

Making jig for Spool IV Kill Side LMRP

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