Effective Drilling & Oil Equipment Inspections in Houston, Texas

DIIS can offer Drilling and Well Control Equipment inspection services required to reduce downtime in this technically challenged industry from Drilling Industry Inspection Services LLC worldwide. You can rely on the experience of our people to ensure the Vendor Surveillance carried out meets our clients expectations, with regard to quality, compliance of the purchase order and relevant specifications.

Company Goals & Objectives

To provide the Drilling and Well Control Equipment inspection services, with a goal to grow the Company by adding experiences Engineers and inspectors to work at multiple OEM equipment vendor facilities monitoring equipment fabrication, witnessing factory acceptance tests, and providing final inspections (FAT/FI) on communication, drilling, marine, navigation and well control equipment.

Primary Product of the Company

The primary product is to offer Vendor Surveillance inspection services to the oil and gas industry, mainly focused on drilling, marine and well control equipment. The inspection process is in line with API Q1/ISO 9001:2008 guidelines to ensure our client equipment is manufactured to the relevant specification, the quality inspections are carried out to the ITP and FAT testing is completed. A comprehensive detailed Supplier Visit Report is issued to the client indicating the status of manufacture and any non-conformance’s or issues requiring further input from the client. This action removes the client’s task of having to follow up with the vendor for critical documentation, which would prevent the implementation or use of new equipment or repaired equipment and systems on Marine Drilling Vessel or Rig


Reporting Process

DIIS have a inspection Supplier Visit Report (SVR) and other supporting documentation. This will be issued to the customer after each inspection is carried out.
The quality inspectors will also review equipment fabrication Data Book (MRB) for accuracy, to ensure all the relevant documentation (Vendor CoC, Class Society CoC or PC (Product Certificate) is included in the final documentation if applicable.

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