QA/QC Inspection Services for Inspection

Third-party quality control inspection of fabrication for Welding and NDT, also as well as inspection of bolting and painting of structural steel and piping. DIIS provides Quality Control (QA/QC) inspectors who are qualified inspectors (e.g., CWI & NDT). QA/QC inspectors perform fabrication inspection and verification of the manufacturing process. Inspectors conduct visual inspections of material for conformance with the approved specifications, plans and codes, as well as verification of Certified Material Test Reports (CMTR) for materials used. Materials and components are observed at key points during the manufacturing process in fabrication facilities. DIIS AWS or CSWIP certified welding inspectors also witness welder and welding procedure qualification tests as applicable to the scope of the project. Typical duties for in-process fabrication inspection includes- visual observations, monitoring of processes, verifying fit-up and assembly, dimensional accuracy, Hydro Testing, Factory Acceptance Testing and product completion (Including preservation prior to shipping).

  • Ensuring Quality of Products.
  • Detecting deviations from specification as early as possible in the manufacturing process.
  • Monitor compliance with standards, procedures and specifications.
  • Provide weekly reporting, and ensure Ares of Concern are brought to the clients attention.
  • Supplying qualified and competent inspectors, with past experience in fabrication.

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